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Apple Tree StudentPreparing to send your child to pre-school is an exciting time for parents. AppleTree Learning Center strives to make our preschool enrollment process parent-friendly and enjoyable. We understand that choosing the right preschool for your child is an important and highly individualized decision.

The AppleTree Learning Center preschool enrollment process is designed so that parents can gather the information they need to feel completely confident in their preschool selection. We encourage interested parents to set up a time to visit our preschool classrooms with your child. If your child falls between age groups for our classrooms, spending time with our teachers and other children will help us to evaluate the best placement for your child. Most importantly, it allows parents to get a better sense of our curriculum, teaching style and facilities before making a decision.

Our staff is happy to review our enrollment materials with parents. Should you decide to complete the AppleTree Learning Center preschool enrollment process, simply return the requested paperwork with your registration fee.

We are happy to answer any questions and provide parents with any information needed to make a decision.  If your child is ready for preschool, please call (574) 291-3333 or email My AppleTree Learning Center for more information on preschool enrollment.

My AppleTree Learning Center Announcements

AppleTree is currently recruiting members to our staff. Candidates must hold an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education or higher.  Salary and benefits are specific to education, experience and performance. Please contact Tammy Dant at 574-291-3333 or to set up an appointment.

The July 2022 newsletter is available. It contains a lot of information regarding our events for the month! Click here to read My AppleTree Learning Center newsletter.

AppleTree plans outdoor activities everyday as long as the weather permits. Temperatures must be above 26° including the windchill factor. For current weather conditions, check WeatherBug.

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AppleTree Learning Center is a great environment for a child to flourish.

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