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Nowhere are high standards more important than in the selection of AppleTree Learning Center’s childcare staff. We have carefully assembled a team of the highest quality Child Development and Early Childhood Education professionals to understand and encourage each child’s unique learning style. All of our staff members meet or exceed our requirements for education, training and certifications.

Email My Apple Tree Learning Center to learn more about My AppleTree Learning Center Childcare Staff or call us at (574) 291-3333.

  • Tammy Dant - Director and Owner

    Tammy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education as well as a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education. She has completed High Scope Infant/Toddler Training as well as High Scope Preschool Curriculum Training. With this, she recently completed the Taking Charge of Leadership Series from the McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership.

    Because Tammy is committed to supporting teachers and promoting quality early childhood education, Tammy is President of Early Childhood Professionals of Northern Indiana. Having over 20 years experience in the early childhood field, she is proud of the program she and her teachers have created. It is her personal goal to provide the best possible learning and care experience for your child.

  • Myranda B. - Infant Teacher

    Myranda is working on  her Early Childhood Associate Certificate and has High Scope Training.

    Myranda spends a lot of time with her infants on building trusting bonds, motor development, eye-hand coordination, discovery and cognitive development. This is evident in her thorough collection of growth and  developmental indicators. She pays careful attention to detail. The infant room is a happy and loving room with rapid growth. With this, Mryanda works hard to build up our team. She's eager to help and coach others as needed.

  • Katie J. - Toddler Teacher

    Katie has a strong background in both Montessori and High Scope. She is working on for her Associates Degree in Education. She is excellent at understanding toddlers in their current level of development. Her goal is to scaffold them onto their next developmental level using repetition and continuity.  She creates a climate of exploration and excitement for our young learners.

  • Haley W. - Lead Teacher for the 2's Classroom

    Haley is attending Ivy Tech where she is working toward a Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education. She is the lead teacher for the 2’s classroom. 

    Haley is insightful and exciting. She is best at finding the strenghts in her students and helping them grow and develop. She and her co-teachers plan engaging activities for both indoor and out. Haley is also a key partner for all of our staff helping with varioius planning events including dilligent work toward NAEYC's Month of the Young Child.

  • Sarah P. - Lead Teacher for the 3's Classroom

    Sarah holds a Bachelor's Degree in Arts.

    Sarah has worked with many ages, including elementary school children. and is our 3’s lead teacher. She emphasizes early literacy and mathematical skills for her classroom and is a master of finding teachable moments in everything her students discover.

    Sarah is a strong teacher who celebrates the individuality of each child and his or her success.

  • Mary A. - Lead Teacher for the 4's Classroom

    Mary has her Child Development Associates while she continues to obtain her Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education. She is a master teacher imparting all of her knowledge onto her students. Mary  applies her time and talent with craft and enthusiasm, she is a joy to watch. Her philosophy is to meet children where they are. She always stives to make learning fun by adding an element of surprise or whim to her lessons.

  • Erika P. - Co-Lead Teacher for the 5's Classroom

    Erika is a High Scope Certified Teacher. She has completed her Early Childhood Associate Certificate, High Scope Training, Heads Up Reading Training, and the High Scope International Conference.

    Erika offers a wealth of opportunity for her 5’s classroom. Her students have mastered early reading skills and math competencies. Her room works to develop writing and sight word proficiencies. With this, the pre-kindergarten class regularly practices simple math equations in order to prepare for kindergarten readiness.

    Erika relies heavily on daily evidence of learning and assessments in the Indiana Department of Education’s Istar-kr. In her spare time, Erika works as our Curriculum Specialist. She spends time coaching fellow teaching staff developing techniques that embrace the strengths of each individual teacher.

  • Erin G. - Co-Lead Teacher for the 5's Classroom

    Erin has been on our team since 2009. Since this time, she has served in many capacities in our program. She has her Child Development Associate as well as countless hours in High Scope training as as well as the ELLCO reading standards for young children. She has a passion for teaching early learners and is strong in both relationships as well as leading others. She strives for excellence both within our teaching team and her classroom.

  • Audrey B. - After School Teacher

    Audrey is our after-school teacher. She holds her Associates Degree in Elementary Education from Ancilla College.

    Having gone to school on a softball scholarship and T.E.A.C.H scholarship recipient, she understands the importance of physical fitness, large body play, and regular activity. She works hard to balance homework and activity for her students. With this, Audrey is vital to our Summer Camp Program, offering a number of varying field trips and engaging activities for our school-aged children.

My AppleTree Learning Center Announcements

AppleTree is currently recruiting members to our staff. Candidates must hold an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education or higher.  Salary and benefits are specific to education, experience and performance. Please contact Tammy Dant at 574-291-3333 or to set up an appointment.

The November/December 2019 newsletter is available. It contains a lot of information regarding our events for the month! Click here to read My AppleTree Learning Center newsletter.

AppleTree plans outdoor activities everyday as long as the weather permits. Temperatures must be above 26° including the windchill factor. For current weather conditions, check WeatherBug.

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